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Other Services

Other Services:


Because we are caring to provide you with useful advice in all modes of transport, and to keep our customers more satisfied in case any damage or loss for their cargos during transportation process, we offers our customers insurance for all types of transport globally, which will compensate them with all costs in case damage or loss may occurs due to natural events, accidents or personal errors.


Warehousing is defined as the act of storing goods that will be sold or distributed later,, larger businesses typically own or rent space in a building that is specifically designed for storage. UFS provides distinctive warehousing services through the use of modern methods that allow customers to store and distribute goods easily and conveniently and with a control system that allows them to control the movement of incoming and outgoing inventory and allows them to make accurate estimates to calculate inventory according to market movement, with effictive solutions and decreasing cost

Packing & packaging

In all types of transportations good packing leads to receive your goods in safe mode at the end points. And in international transport your Goods are subjected to transport and handling in various forms, equipment and means of transport, making them more vulnerable to damage than other goods.
Based on this concept, UFS provides all the logistics solutions needed in the field of packaging through a distinguished team and trained to use the appropriate methods according to the type of goods and the mode of shipping sea or air.


If you have something precious or heavy that you need at your show - be that a case of diamonds a box of marketing materials or a massive equipment – don’t run to the risk unless you have a professional team in organizing your shipmets for exhibition . UFS logistics team has all the necessary permits needed to get your shipment to your stand safely.
In addition to taking care of any delivery or international customs clearing you need, UFS can also handle the hiring of forklift and crane crews if your shipment needs it at the site. You can even hire out a safe storage area to keep all your empty boxes safe out of view of the show floor.

Ship personal effects

Have you been living abroad and plan to be moving or returning your personal effects ?
UFS can help with the smooth importation of your personal goods. Whether you are looking to import a small appliance, furniture, machinery or a recreational vehicle such as a car, boat, airplane or even your all of your household possessions, our specialist Team have the directed expertise to handle these non-commercial goods.
Importing personal effects is very different from handling typical commercial goods or products for resale. It can be a difficult and time-consuming process if not handled correctly.
In addition many Customs Brokers choose NOT to handle personal effects because they are one-time shipments. Since this has been one of our areas of expertise for several decades we are knowledgeable of the type of documentation necessary for various commodities based upon their country of export and we specialize in one-time shipments. This ensures that your possessions will be expedited through what could otherwise be a lengthy process.