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Phone : (+20) 110 0505 190 - (02)2268 1265

Email: info@ufsegy.com

Customs clearance

Customs clearance

In order to ensure compliance with all requirements, UFS is in close contact with local Customs clearance authorities . Although global customs regulations are becoming increasingly complex.

Our professional customs clearance team at the highest level of efficiency and skill in the completion of all customs procedures for inbound and outbound shipments under different customs regulations and easy release of goods in all sea, air and dry ports inside Egypt.

With us you will wonder because , we make it easy , smooth with low overheads , it is enough only to check your mail box and read our daily customs clearance report to have clear situation from the day of shipping till receive the goods at your warehouse.
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Our Services:

  • - Regular inpound shipments.

  • - Regular outbound shipments.

  • - Provisional entry.

  • - Drawback.

  • - Shipments under repair and return system.

  • - Shipment under transit.

  • - Personal effects.