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  • Sea Freight Services
    One world with many possibilities provided
    We deal with all shipping lines to deliver the world for our customers.
  • Customs clearance services
    We make it easy , comfortable and cost effective
    We always handle your shipments with the care you deserve and aim to deliver.
  • Land transport services
    we are providing all Power land transport logistics
    Our human power combining with our transportation equipment are our tools to present effective logistics services.
  • Air Freight Services
    One world many several options
    Our Air Freight services conecting your business with world trade movement

We’re Creative

We’re proud with our teamwork that let our customers Trust the expertise.

Highly Customizable

provide a dedicated logistics service, with professional and tailored solutions.

Efficient 24/7 support

We will go to great lengths to provide you the best possible support.

Welcome To United Freight Services

United Freight Service Company is founded as a freight forwarder in the Egyptian market in 2018,with personal experiences for its owners in this field backs to more than 20 years in international freight forwarding and logistics services , due to this experiences and hard work to find a place in very tough market and Fierce competition.

we succeeded in a short period of time to achieve a paradigm shift in the provision of integrated logistics services and supplies through a trained and distinguished team as well as the use of new and sophisticated methods in providing and buying customer requirements and the needs of factories.

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UFS provide a dedicated logistics service, with professional and tailored solutions, to keep our customer satisfied. Teamwork, trusting our employees, encouraging collaboration, and providing them the tools and resources they need for success.. Give us the loyalty of our employees and believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect.

We have a distinct agent network covering all over the world in addition to a trained team in Egypt to deal with all inbound and outbound shipments, implemented through direct or indirect flight services, to achieve all our clients’ requirements.

Our business experties Provide you the great value

We’re proud with our teamwork that let our customers Trust the expertise, ingenuity and commitment in UFS, they always creative, and give customized logistics to solve your most complex cargo challenges. Focus on customer needs has brought us to where we are today and will continue to carry us into the future.

Global Logistics is what we love doing. Some of our customers have been with us for a long time and where we go, they have stayed not only beyond special rate tariffs we give and automated processes but also the relationships we build with them and added value .


United Freight Services


Air Freight

Thousands of goods needs to be arrive at its destination safe and quick

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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

In order to ensure compliance with all requirements..

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Land Transport

Land transport is one of the most important logistics services that cause ...

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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

It is fair to say that Maritime Transportation has been and still remains the backbone..

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UFS is very close to customers need and requirements , and willing to support them through our representative agents in Europe , Asia , North and South America and give them the full power to buy the products especially not available in the Egyptian Market , through this Activities we give new concepts, which Let us the only shipping company in the Egyptian market that provides integrated supply chain services from the moment of negotiation with your suppliers and the completion of the purchase and shipping door to door.

With us you can put in your Mind the following concepts of Business :

One stop Shop.

By Globally Pay Locally.

Shop and Ship.

Let's Grow


It is a great honor to introduce our business to you .

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UFS is the perfect company to approach your goals.

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We are the best Logitics Services company ever!!

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